Michigan Voting Location Siting Tool

Developed by the Center for Inclusive Democracy (CID) at the University of Southern California, formerly the California Civic Engagement Project, this interactive web-based mapping tool is designed to assist Michigan elections officials in the state’s 35 most populous counties.

About The Tool

The Michigan Voting Location Siting Tool aids election officials in the siting process by identifying optimal voting locations for half-mile grid squares across a county. Election officials are able to find specific locations for consideration in these areas using local knowledge of their county’s resources and needs. The Siting Tool also provides visualization of demographic and voter data at the community level in each of the state’s 35 most populous counties. These local data can be used to inform voter outreach and education efforts.

Note: The Tool sites the number of county voting locations in the most recent comparable election publicly disclosed by Michigan city and township election offices. The Siting Tool’s purpose is to model the location of county voting sites as a baseline, not to suggest what number of voting locations best serves a community. Future versions on the Tool will include location modeling based on the city and township level.